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B2B Ordering and Payments

The faster way to order and pay - Paygora is the one portal your colleagues and suppliers will want to use!

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Addressing both sides of the purchase to pay transaction

01. Web hosted platform

With mobile and desktop user interfaces for buyers and suppliers. Buyers can log in and start to create orders from approved suppliers in seconds.

02. Direct messaging

Buyers and suppliers can exchange messages in a thread until the price, quantity, and specification are agreed.

03. Total integration

Eprocurement integration allows buyers’ finance admin teams to manage spending thresholds, supplier roster, price negotiation, and other rules.  End to end auditing right back to the specific conversation.

04. Automated paperwork

Orders progress through several states, and the buyer’s finance systems are notified and updated automatically.  Everything from Purchase Order to payment is created automatically.

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Reduce the cost of doing business

Colleagues create orders themselves at the touch of a button - following all organisational rules

Order Workflow creates Purchase Orders automatically in the background

Payment can be initiated at the touch of a button

Automated Coding at point of order creation means reduced manual coding of line items, and ensures valid combinations of cost account, cost centre, and project ID

Integration Modules call in live PIM, inventory and contract pricing details directly into the platform




There are a number of software systems in the world of B2B – from portals for accounts payable management to systems that let suppliers borrow against the value of unpaid invoices. 

Most digital B2B payment platforms automate some of invoicing, billing and collections, and credit card information.

Paygora does all this and more by digitising the ordering process as well, so what follows is easier to automate and audit.


Paygora makes commercial payments seamless by automating all the key decisions in the purchase-to-pay process, leading to lower costs and fewer mistakes. 
We combine communications and payment:  putting the power of mobile payments in the hands of B2B buyers and suppliers, for faster decisions and greater accuracy.


Paygora is one platform for both buyer and the supplier to manage ordering, approval and payment, so transactions are completed to the satisfaction of both buyer and supplier.


Steffan Aquarone

CEO at Paygora

“We built Paygora to help digital transformation of B2B commerce and make it easier for all businesses to do business.  Get in touch with us and we'll explore how this could help your business.”

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